Wednesday, March 6, 2013

LG Optimus G Pro : Full HD IPS promotional video

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The Full HD experience is no longer exclusive to your TV. With nearly double the pixel resolution of Standard HD,

Optimus G Pro's full HD provides clear and crisp images without pixelation. And with LG IPS display technology, every detail is seen in lifelike color without over saturation.

With Full HD IPS , you can enjoy:

- The Wider picture, with perfect viewing from any angle with no color changes or distortion
- Faster & stable response time, offering vivid and clear motion pictures
- Lifelike high resolution images, with 400ppi in large 5.5"screen
- Resolution 2.5 times sharper than that of the 5.5" models from competitors
- 180% brighter and 53% more energy efficient white background, most commonly used for browsing the web

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