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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

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EA Sports FIFA 14 Ultimate Team | New Features And Improved Visuals Promotional video

EA Sports FIFA 14 Ultimate Team | New Features And Improved Visuals
Details have now emerged regarding EA SPORTS FIFA 14 ULTIMATE TEAM (or FUT in short), and producer Marcel Kuhn was kind enough to share some info about the new features and improved visuals.

When trading players, you'll notice that the items themselves have a new look. They now look like shields. When players get onto the football pitch they go into battle so to have shields on the pitch looks really cool.

One of the core additions this year is an addition to the chemistry system. You can now tweak the attributes of players using a consumable to make them the best fit for your team. Players also have brand new Chemistry Styles which determine the attributes that will be effected by the chemistry level, as well as by how much. There will be low, medium and high boosts for specific attributes based on these chemistry styles.

Some other core features that have been added based on requests from the community are the single online match mode and also new customisation options. FIFA 14 players will be able to select player roles (captain, corner kick, penalty kick takers etc) and also assign kit numbers to players.

Lastly, players can now search for players by player name in the transfer market, bringing up all the different versions of a specific player faster than ever before.

suhulettin hıdır

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