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Saturday, November 30, 2013

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BMW 4 Series Convertible Official Promotional video

(F33) Launchfilm 2013. With the ‘Coasting’
BMW 4 Series Convertible Official Promotional video
This is the BMW 4 Series Convertible (F33) Launchfilm 2013. With the ‘Coasting’ function, the car glides along the road at speeds of up to
160 km/h as soon as the driver removes his foot from the pedal and does not apply the brakes. In Sport mode the car responds more directly and allows a sportier driving style.

The entire vehicle design is testament to the BMW EfficientDynamics philosophy. The optimised, aerodynamic front apron and undercarriage feature innovations that reduce air resistance and fuel consumption.

The Auto Start-Stop function makes sure that fuel is only used when the car is actually driving.

Every time you brake, kinetic energy is generated, and until recently, this energy has gone unused.

Optimal and perfectly-timed gear changes can help save fuel, particularly in urban traffic and over long distances.

Every time you turn the steering wheel, energy is consumed. But why should energy be consumed when you’re not moving the wheel? BMW Electric Power Steering is only active when it’s needed.

suhulettin hıdır

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