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Thursday, February 27, 2014

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Volvo Concept Estate Features, and Promotional video

Features, and PromotionalVolvo Concept Estate Features, and Promotional video Celebrating Scandinavian creativity

Features, and Promotional After unveiling two applauded concept cars in the Concept Coupe and the Concept XC Coupe we proudly present the final car in the series. The Concept Estate is a tribute to creativity and an embodiment of Scandinavian luxury. The silhouette is a powerful display of bold proportions, full of grace and confidence.

Features, and Promotional Look inside the future

The Concept Estate shows how the interior of Volvo’s upcoming models will both look and function. The most prominent interior design feature is the simplicity, utilizing exclusive materials and bringing the driver cutting edge technology and authentic craftsmanship in perfect harmony. The traditional selection of buttons and controls have been replaced by one large tablet-like touch screen control panel in the center console, bringing the interior firmly into the 21st century.

Features, and PromotionalContrasting the cutting-edge technology is the craftsmanship, the high-quality materials and the beautiful detailing in the cockpit. The colorful trends within contemporary Swedish design has inspired the orange seat belts and the woven wool carpets from Swedish designer Kasthall, and Volvo’s collaboration with the Swedish fashion scene is manifested by two exclusive Stutterheim raincoats in the back of the car. The trunk also holds a specially designed “kubb” game set, offering people a piece of Swedish lifestyle.

The crystal gear leaver from Kosta Boda, a recurring feature in the three concept cars, has an orange glow, giving ambience to the room – and the instrument panel is covered by thick, naturally tanned saddle leather from Tärnsjö with inlays made of naturally aged wood and machine copper details.

suhulettin hıdır

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