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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

suhulettin hıdır

ASUS ZenFone 5 Features, and Promotional video

Features, and PromotionalASUS ZenFone 5 Features, and Promotional video Zen means living up to the present moment. It is an attitude, a different way of living that brings happiness. Zen can be trendy and it is also the key ingredient in life. ZenFone is a device that helps you to sort out the hectic life and get organized. ZenFone also knows what you need, expresses your thoughts and feels, connects you wherever you go, and eventually frees you up to do more important things in life.

ZenFone 5 with 2X2 Power, 2x2: Intel® Atom™ Multi-Core Z2580 Processor 2.0 GHz with Intel Hyper-Threading Technology - and a new ASUS PixelMaster camera that dramatically improves low-light photos.

suhulettin hıdır

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