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Sunday, May 25, 2014

suhulettin hıdır

LG G3 "Now, imagine a 5,5-inch smartphone"

Ouick, off the top of your head, picture a 5-inch smartphone. This time... a 5.2-inch smartphone.Now, imagine a 5,5-inch smartphone. The thought of a 5,5 inch smartphone.seems big and brawny,doesn't it? Well, here's one LG made.When you meet LG G3, you just might forget you're holding 5,5-inch smartphone.

"Now, imagine a 5,5-inch smartphone"
Do you think a 5.5-inch smartphone would be too big for you? Maybe not as big as you might think.
With the LG G3, you will even forget you're holding a 5.5-inch smartphone.
Meet the LG G3 on May 27.

suhulettin hıdır

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