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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

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Philips AmbiLux TV: Demo of all Ambilight Projection modes and halo sizes

Ambilight Projection modesPhilips AmbiLux TV: Demo of all Ambilight Projection modes and halo sizes TV has finally escaped the set!

Philips Ambilight technology projects a ‘halo’ of light and colour onto the wall behind your television, which blends in with the picture on the screen in real time to create a sharper viewing experience.

Philips AmbiLux TV introduces the most advanced Ambilight experience yet. Its halo of motion that surrounds the TV (and can extend to over 3,5m around it) seamlessly projects what’s on the screen onto the wall behind it. The Ambilight projection technology uses nine tiny pico-projectors positioned with extreme precision. Thanks to complex overlap software, they create a seamless and altogether unique visual spectacle.

AmbiLux unleashes a bigger world upon you. You’ll need a minimum wall space of 2.4m x 1.3m to enjoy it. With three halo size settings, a larger space means a bigger experience. Place your TV stand 9cm away from the wall by following our AmbiLux position guide (comes bypacked with the TV). The more clear space you have around your TV the better. However, you’ll still be able to enjoy the exhilaration of AmbiLux if your surrounding space isn’t completely clear.

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