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Thursday, December 1, 2016

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2017 Ford Fiesta - Magnificent Compact!!

New 2017 Ford Fiesta Review New 2017 Fiesta steps upmarket with new crossover and Vignale models - we take a look around it and speak to the exterior designer Ford has taken the wraps off one of this year’s biggest new cars – it’s an all-new, seventh generation Ford Fiesta, set to go on sale in 2017.

The Fiesta has been the best-selling new car in Britain seven years in a row, and even this year the ageing sixth generation model has surpassed the 100,000 registrations notch.
However, competition in the supermini market sector is hotting up. A new Volkswagen Polo is due next year, and brand new versions of the Nissan Micra and Citroen C3 are already on sale. As such, the new Fiesta is needed to continue the success story.

The new model is the most grown up version of Ford’s small hatchback yet, and the more premium outlook ought to be reflected in the price tag. Ford is set to ditch of some entry-level trim lines, and we expect the new Fiesta to start from around £14,000.
It’s a larger, roomier car with a more upmarket interior. This time round, Ford will expand its supermini’s horizons considerably with the launch of a compact crossover model called the Fiesta Active, as well as a luxurious Vignale model.

We've taken an early look at the new Fiesta in Germany. The first thing you’ll notice is the new design. According to George Saridakis, exterior design director at Ford of Europe, the car’s styling is “more evolution than revolution, with a more mature approach”.
Saridakis added: “It’s simpler and less fussy than the previous Fiesta, with a narrower daylight opening [windows] to make it look more elegant.”

It’s still instantly recognisable as a Fiesta, but the new car is 71mm longer and 12mm wider than its predecessor. Styling cues such as the swept-back headlights, simple bonnet and split wraparound tail-lamps at the rear help to accentuate the car’s extra width, but there’s a functional reason at the heart of the slight increase in size.

The previous Fiesta wasn’t the roomiest supermini on sale, but with a 4mm longer wheelbase – partly to house larger 18-inch wheels that are now available – Ford claims it has freed up an extra 16mm of knee room.

Space is helped by fitting slimmer front seats, and the new Fiesta is definitely more spacious in the rear than the old car, with competitive levels of head and legroom.
Ford hasn’t yet revealed how big the new Fiesta’s boot is, but Saridakis confirmed to Auto Express that it’s “within a few litres of the outgoing car”. That means we can expect a luggage capacity of around 290 litres, while access will be easier, thanks to a wider tailgate opening. The new Fiesta is also more spacious in the front, but here the space has come from redesigning the cabin layout.

The interior is the opposite of the exterior,” said Saridakis, adding that “It’s a revolution in design terms”. In place of the current vertical centre stack with its excess of buttons, the new Fiesta features a wider dash with more horizontal elements, and the infotainment system is all new. With all of the main functions apart from the climate controls operated through the touchscreen, there’s almost half the number of buttons on the centre console, which will make it much simpler to use.

Quality has definitely taken a leap upmarket, and the Fiesta has a more refined feel inside. But there will also be more customisation options available for the new car, with features such as the mirror caps and roof available in contrasting colours. Buyers will be able to specify different coloured trim inserts for the interior, too.

The Fiesta will be available in Style trim for fleet customers only, while private buyers get the choice of Zetec, ST-Line, Titanium, Vignale and Active guises available with various personalisation packs. There are three and five-door bodystyles as well, although the Active crossover only gets the latter option. The car also comes with what Saridakis calls a few different “faces”.
Lower-spec cars feature the basic front end, while ST-Line gets a much sportier look with a different mesh for the bespoke grille and a deeper front bumper that “draws its inspiration from the Focus RS hot hatch”.
ST-Line trim was only introduced earlier this year on the outgoing Fiesta, but it’s already been a sales success, so it’s no surprise that Ford has chosen to differentiate it further. Above th

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